Harmonic Driver

TTRA Series
Properly applied to rotary table/position device, ATC,
tooling machine and each automatic mechanism
connected with servo motor directly.
The features of TTRA series are direct output, tightening engagement, and high accuracy.
TTRV-E Series
Developed for robotic industries.
The size of TTRV series is compact and light weight and
short dimension could eliminate the inertia of Robot swing
to achieve high precise positioning .
TTRV-C Series
Mechanism designers concern to array the cables or tubes properly due to the space limits or the interfering phenomenon between cable and structure during operation.
TTRV-C series could conquer this problem effectively due to it’s hollow design that allows tube & cable through the reducer-self.
TTRD-C Series
For meeting every demand in various industry, the input shaft of most robotic arm
and machines requires hollow-designed and connected with servo motor directly.
TTRD-C series is developed to solving the matter. The design of TTRD-C series
successfully carried out hollow-designed and directly connection with servo.
These features present more convenient and application-friendly .
TTRAC Series
Hollow body design,
allows the hydraulic tubes and electrical cables through
the reducer, belt input, proper to short
and limited space application.
TTGV / TTGH Series
Substituted for the two-stage planetary gear reducer.
Higher precision, lower cost, multi-teeth mesh,
highest rigidity, high torque, long service life,
extremely proper for high impact machine.
TTRAR Series
To meeting lots of requirements from customer side,
trunnion axis as short as possible,
which make the whole machine compact and space-saving.
TTRDR-C Series
To meet requirements from customer side,
are rotary table as low as possible,
which make the whole machine compact and space-saving .


High precision, Low backlash, Supports high-speed rotation
Product Name Backlash Ratio Rotation Rated output Torque
TTRV-C ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/26.625~1/38.5882 Shaft Run 98NM~4900NM
TTRD-C ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/64.38~1/219 Shaft Run 98NM~4900NM
TTRAC-E ≤ 3-5arcmin 1/40~1/120 Shaft Run/Case Run 245NM~3595NM
TTGV ≤ 3-10arcmin 1/15~1/139 Shaft Run 600NM~15000NM
TTGH ≤ 3-10arcmin 1/15~1/139 Shaft Run 600NM~15000NM
TTRA ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/40~1/140 Shaft Run/Case Run 60NM~7500NM
TTRAD ≤ 1-3arcmin 1/82~1/421 Shaft Run/Case Run 83NM~7500NM
TTRV ≤ 1-3arcmin 1/82~1/421 Shaft Run/Case Run 72NM~7500NM
TTRVE ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/35~1/120 Shaft Run/Case Run 550NM~3200NM
TTRAR ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/40~1/280 Shaft Run/Case Run 60NM~7500NM
TTRDR-C ≤ 1-5arcmin 1/64.38~1/438 Shaft Run 98NM~4900NM
TTRS ≤ 5arcmin 1/15~1/140 Shaft Run/Case Run 60NM~5100NM

Model Number

Size, Gear Type & Ratio, Serew Type,
Outdia, Lead, Bellows Yes or no, Stroke System

TTRV - 10C 20.625 - P2

P1 Standard Backlash
P2 Standard Backlash