Business Field

Sangwon Intech develops/produces products including automated machines and other units from industrial equipment’s sector.
Sangwon Intech endeavors to make products which will satisfy clients with the superb quality.

Lifting Unit
1. Power Base Unit
2. Rack Jack Unit
3. Bevel Gear Box
4. Servo Box
5. Worm Reducer

Motor Lifting system
1. Servo Motor & Planetary Reducer Drive type
2. Cam& Toothed Belt Driver Type
3. Screw Jack Driver Type
4. Rack Jack Driver Type

Clean Room Part [IP65]
1. Power Cylinder Unitr
2. Screw Jack Unitr
3. Bevel Gear Boxr
4. Servo Boxr
5. Glass Conveyor(Diverter) & Diverterr
6. Glass Loader& Unloader

Special Part
1. Vacuum Gear Box
2. Chemical Gear Box & Rack Jack Unit
3. Square Rack Jack Unit
4. Water Bicycles Gear Box