Base Cylinder


Item Base Cylinder Feature
Lubrication Grease · Keeps the wide table precisely horizontal regardless of divergence to one side
Material Aluminium · SM45C
Driving Method Air Cylinder + Rack & Pinion Combination · Using Air and Hydraulic
· No need for separate drive
Gear Rack Gear / Pinion Gear
Plated Hard Chromium Plating · HRC 45~53
Operating Pressure(Mpa) 0.3 ~ 0.6 (Mpa)
Max . Speed (m/min) (At no load) Max . 10m/min
Life Cycle(h) > 10,000
Orientation Any
Protection Class IP65 · Avoid particle generation
Synchronous Error Max . 0.3mm · Longest time durability implementation
· Designed to prevent damage due to internal shock
Height Adjustment Range ±3mm
Ambient Temperature (℃) -20 ~ 50℃
Ambient Humidity (%) Less than 80%
Altitude Altitude less than 1,000m
Terms of Use No corrosive or explosive gas

Model Number

Size, Gear Type & Ratio, Serew Type,
Outdia, Lead, Bellows Yes or no, Stroke System

SWA 40 D - B 100ST - R

Base Cylinder Specification
Cylinder Dia
SWA : Air cylinder
SWH : Hydraulic cylinder
Cylinder Type
D : Double
S : Single
Bellows Yes, No


Design and installation conditions may vary,
so please contact us if y ou have any questions


Cylinders Force
F = P × A × f
F : Cylinder Force(N)|P : Pressure(Mpa)
A : Piston Area(mm2)|f : Load Factor(N)

Example of Calculation

ΠD2 / 4 × 0.5(Mpa) × 0.6(Margin 40%)
Structure Air Cyinder + Rack & Pinion Gear Combination
Fluid Compressor Air
Operating Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Material Cylinder Body
Plated Cylinder Body
Flange, Nut, Snaft
High Frequency Heat Treatment(Hrc 40~45)
Hard Chromium Plating(15)
Hard Chromium Plating
Speed Max 10m/min
Synchronization Error Max 0.3mm
Height Adjustment Range ±3mm
Allowable Temperature Packing (Nitrile Rubber)
Cylinder Grease (Clean)
Gear Grease(Clean)
-55 to 120℃
-40 to 200℃
-40 to 200℃
Up, Down Cushion Air Cushion / Urethane Cushion