Screw Jack


Item Screw Jack MSN Feature
Lubrication Grease · Precision machining of each part
· Use of the best material
Material Aluminium · STKM13C
Gear Spiral Bevel Gear Worm Gear Sper Gear Helical Gear · Smooth drive with noise and vibration resistant design
Ratio 1:1 ~ 4:1 10:1 ~ 30:1 1: 1 ~ 5:1
Efficiency(%) 94 ~ 97% 50 ~ 30% 94 ~ 97%
Max. Input Speed(rpm) 1,500rpm
Protection Class IP65 · Avoid particle generation
Life Cycle (h) > 10,000 · Longest time durability implementation
· Designed to prevent damage due to internal shock
Orientation Any
Installation Direction Horizontal, vertical, oblique, etc. No installation angle limit
Ambient Temperature (℃) -20 ~ 50℃
Ambient Humidity (%) Less than 80%
Altitude Altitude less than 1,000m
Terms of Use No corrosive or explosive gas

Model Number

Size, Gear Type & Ratio, Serew Type,
Outdia, Lead, Bellows Yes or no, Stroke System

MSN45 B2 - BL 3210 - B 500ST

Screw Jack Specification
Gear Type & Reduction Ratio
B : Bevel Gear Ratio
      (B, B2, B3)
W : Worm Gear Ratio
      (W15, W20, W30)
Bellows Yes, No
Outdia, Lead
Screw Type
BL : Ball Screw
TL : TM Screw


Design and installation conditions may vary,
so please contact us if you have any questions
Model Main Sub
MSN45 S45 S45
MSN65 S75 S65
MSN75 S90 S75
MSN90 S110 S90
MSN110 S120 S110