Motor Power Base


High precision, Low backlash, Supports high-speed rotation
Item Power Base Feature
Lubrication Grease · Precision machining of each part
· Use of the best material
· Easy to maintain cause by unit and shaft are assembled separately
Material Aluminium · SM45C
Gear Rack Gear / Pinion Gear · Rack Gear is grinding to minimize backslash and wobble
· Bush is used to process low - friction& high - efficiency materials
· Longest durability implementation(Gear, Bush)
Plated Hard Chromium Plating - HRC 45~53
Life Cycle(h) > 10,000
Orientation Any
Synchronous Error Max. 0.3mm
Height Adjustment Range ±3mm
Protection Class IP65 · Avoid particle generation
Ambient Temperature (℃) -20 ~ 50℃ · Longest time durability implementation
· Designed to prevent damage due to internal shock
Ambient Humidity (%) Less than 80%
Altitude Altitude less than 1,000m
Terms of Use No corrosive or explosive gas

Model Number

Size, Gear Type & Ratio, Serew Type,
Outdia, Lead, Bellows Yes or no, Stroke System

MP 30 B 50ST

Model Number
30 : 300kg
20mm / 30mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm